BLM Rioters Force Store in Rochester NY to Shut Down, Trapping Shoppers Inside.


BLM agitators forced a Wegmans to shut down in Rochester NY earlier today, trapping shoppers inside.

“Wegmans is a system that upholds white supremacy,” said Ashley Gantt, a leader of the group Free the People Rochester, which organized Tuesday’s protest. She and others pointed to its use of uniformed Rochester police as security.

The company announced around 12:15 p.m. that all customers left the store and that the store at 1750 East Ave. will remain closed until 6 a.m. Wednesday.

The group blocked entrances to Wegmans’ parking lot with their own vehicles, set up a tent in front of the store and wrote messages on the ground in chalk. Music was playing and protesters also danced to the beat, played games and explained to passersby and customers seeking to enter the store the need for the demonstration.

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