Body Cam Footage Shows Woman Being Arrested For Stealing Used Roll Of Toilet Paper From Bathroom


Last year there was a shared story about a woman being arrested after taking a used roll of toilet paper from inside the restroom of Robinson Salvage, located at 2408 Cleveland Hwy, Suite 209, in Dalton. A security tag placed inside the roll of toilet paper alerted the store to the attempted theft. Maria De Rico Ramirez, 61, was transported to the Whitfield County Jail on a single charge of shoplifting. According to assistant store manager, Aaron Roby, Robinson Salvage decided to press charges because “if you’re gonna steal [toilet paper], you’ll steal something else out of the store”. Roby also informed Ramirez that not only was she not allowed to return to Robinson Salvage, she was also not allowed to enter any other business located in the same shopping plaza. According to the Whitfield County Assessors Website, the plaza is owned by an investment firm out of Tampa, FL. It appears as though Robinson Salvage is renting only a single unit. It is unlikely they would have the authority to legally prevent Ramirez from entering other stores in the plaza, because they are not the property owners of those units. The deputy on scene did not interject, however. The shoplifting charge was later dismissed by prosecutor Samuel Sanders.

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