Boston Man Charged With Sexually Abusing A Horse “I Felt Violated”


Jackson Kelley, 19, is accused of making sexual contact with an animal, cruelty to animals and nighttime breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony. He turned himself in Tuesday morning. According to reports, the owner said every surveillance camera in the stable was deactivated by Kelley except for one and she saw Kelley having sex with one of the horses. The owner provided officers with a screenshot of a person with his pants around his ankles and standing on a step ladder. After police made the photo public, a tipster helped identify Kelley as the alleged culprit. Investigators collected DNA samples for further proof. Kelley, who, judging by his mug shot, appears to be a Black man, was identified by the owner of a stable which is about 32 miles southwest of Boston. 

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