BRUTAL: Detroit Cop Knocks Man out Cold with One Punch.


Video out of Detroit shows a police officer punching and knocking a man out amid a brawl in the city.

“It appears in this video — the cops attempted to break up a fight — and this guy was trying to get involved,” Detroit Police Second Deputy Chief Rudy Harper said of the early Sunday morning incident. “He may have been trying to escalate it and may have even assaulted a cop.”

“Y’all ain’t got to do that dog!” someone yells as the man falls down.

Police then try to lift him up, as the man eventually wakes up.

The incident is now under investigation, with Harper describing the punch as egregious. The officer in the video has not been identified, and is now restricted to desk duty.

The man who was punched could also face charges after the investigation, Harper added.

Police were in the Greektown area of the city responding to a brawl that had broken out. Officers tried to remove the man from the brawl and punched him when he would not follow commands, according to Fox 2.

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