CCTV Video Captures The Horrific School Shooting in Russia.


Six people have died and dozens have been injured in a shooting at Perm State University in Russia.

Russia’s Investigative Committee said the suspected gunman has been detained after being injured by police while attempting to resist the arrest.

The man wasn’t named but was identified as an 18-year-old student. Authorities said he carried out the attack with a smoothbore rifle and was also carrying a knife.

“It is known that he acquired the gun in May of this year,” the Investigative Committee said.

Earlier on Monday, Perm State University had warned on social media that an “unknown person” began firing with a “traumatic weapon” around 11:00 local time.

Images shared on social media showed an armed individual walking onto the university campus, which is located around 1,300 kilometers east of Moscow, in the Urals.

The university urged all students to barricade themselves in the classrooms or leave the building. Footage from the scene also showed staff and students jumping out of windows to escape.

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