Cop Chokes Man. Nearly Breaks His Neck Against The Wall For Not Wearing A Mask


In the ever-devolving state of humanity during an alledged virus with a 99.7% of survival, this disturbing video of a Colombian cop picking a man up by his throat and tossing him full-force against a wall for not wearing a mask is making its way around social media.

The only thing more disturbing than the video itself is the reaction on social media such as the cesspool of inhumanity known as Reddit, who seemed to applaud the reaction by the cop, which is ironic since Reddit is the biggest repository for cop hatred on the net.

Some of the lowlights include:
givemeabreak111- New approach .. the fine for no mask is a mandatory piledriver by Big Show .. many people would comply immediately

RobRVA- There should be people paid to wander the US in stores and other places to do this to non mask wearing dip shits no argument just choked and slammed into the wall

finallydoinit-After seeing the vid of antimaskers at Dennys I am 100% okay with this. Even if it was my family member. This shit needs to stop.

drives_ralliart-Fuck off a small fine for perpetuating a behaviour that actively leads to a spread of a virus killing people daily. It should be the same punishment as someone who concocted a biological weapon of mass destruction.

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