Disgusting Mother Drinks Beers at 4am With VERY Young Daughter While Taunting Her on FB Live.


An awful woman has gone viral on social media after she live-streamed herself drinking at 4 in the morning while taunting her daughter.

The woman is seen with a bottle of Corona beer in her hand while she yells at her very young daughter, Sheraton.

The daughter is thirsty but the mother tells her ‘too f#cking bad.’

When the child complains, the mother takes her toy, some sort of doll, and threatens to throw it into the street. The little girl then starts to cry and the woman gives it back and warns her not to say she hates her toys or she’ll give them to a crackhead.

Some watching the live stream complain about the mother’s behaviour, stating she’s terrorizing her child, who should obviously be in bed. The mother then takes a final swig from her Corona and proclaims the child is actually terrorizing her and how she’s sick of her daughter’s complaining.

At this point of the video, everything goes off the rails when the mother starts cursing at all those watching her and pounding her abusive actions.

No word on if child protections have paid her a visit yet, but they should.

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