Disturbing Video Shows Walgreens Pharmacist Refusing To Fill Man’s Ivermectin Prescription.


A video uploaded to YouTube, which has just moments ago been removed for ‘violating YouTube’s content policies’ shows a pharmacist in San Antonio, Texas refusing to fill a doctor’s prescription for Ivermectin.

The man filming tells the pharmacist his licensed doctor filled out and signed the prescription but the pharmacist says they won’t fill any prescriptions for Ivermectin for COVID.

The gentleman then goes on to say the pharmacists have no right to get between doctors and patients and tells him it is against the law to deny doctor prescriptions, which he may have a strong legal leg to stand on.

If this isn’t at all shocking to you yet, what comes out of the pharmacist’s mouth next should be. The man asks what is the treatment for COVID and the pharmacist says NOTHING. There IS NOT treatment. The pharmacist claims he sleeps very well at night after the exchange.

There seems to have been several complaints to Walgreens through their Twitter account and the company has now released a statement from a representative:

I’m truly sorry to hear about this. Please send me a private message with more information. I ask that you provide the Walgreens store location where this occurred, your full name, and your contact information. I would be happy to help get this addressed for you.

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