DON’T DO DRUGS: Couple Finds Two Children in Car With Overdosed Mother.


This is the heartbreaking video that has gone viral on social media showing a car with two young children inside a car with their overdosed mother, who allegedly died from an overdose.

The man filming is seen walking towards a car after he noticed something off inside. The two children were asking their mother to wake up but she would not. As he got closer, the man filming saw the mother with her head leaned back and a greyish/blue tint to her skin. He tried to wake her up, shook her a bit to try and get a reaction but soon realized she was not breathing.

The man then asks the kids to come to play on the playground and to leave the mother as he called for help. The kids play on the slide and swing, asking the man to play with them and push the swings.

In a heartbreaking exchange, the man asks the boy who and where his father is to which the boy tells him when he sometimes spends time there, his father is ‘mean.’

It is alleged the paramedics showed up to perform CPR but the woman did not recover.

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