Dramatic Moment a Female Teenager Escapes a Moving Car after Man Tries Forcing her to Get Naked.


SAN ANTONIO — Police arrested a man accused of threatening to beat up an underage girl if she did not take off her clothes, prompting her to jump out of a moving car.

According to arrest papers, Matthew Tito Rodriguez, 26, drove the young victim and a woman to a friend’s home when the woman decided to stay with her friend.

As they drove away from the location, the victim told investigators that she asked Rodriguez to take her home, even calling her mom so she could tell him to take the girl home.

Instead, he got on the highway, told the girl to get in the front seat as the car was moving, then ordered her to take off her clothes, court papers state.

The victim said no and “the Defendant threatened to beat her up if she did not take her clothes off,” according to the report.

Officers say the victim wrapped herself in a blanket and jumped out of the moving car. She was hurt, but still managed to run to strangers who were working on their car along the side of the road. One of the strangers called for help.

The victim was taken to a hospital. Rodriguez has since been charged with endangering a child.

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