Dude Squares Up To Punch Woman On Subway, That Was A HUGE Mistake.


Video footage taken on the London Underground appears to show passengers on a Tube train having to intervene to prevent an aggressive man from hurting a woman after the pair appear to have had an argument.

Footage emerged on social media of a man appearing to yell at a young woman, who was talking back to him, across the carriage over the top of sitting passengers.

The incident occurred late last night (Friday, October 15) at an unknown time on the Eastbound Central Line Underground.

It is unknown how or why the argument started but the video begins with the man apparently trying to start a physical confrontation with her, saying “come on then” and accusing her of “hiding behind the fact that you’re a woman”.

He said: “Come on, step to me, step to me, step to me. I dare you, I f*****g dare you.” Then he appears to calls her a “p***y” for not going to him.

He then says: “Oh I’m such a horrible man because I f*****g said I’d smack you in the mouth.”

It’s difficult to hear exactly what she replies to him because of the noise on the train.

The next thing that can be heard is the man, who has moved further towards the woman and is leaning towards her, apparently say: “I’ll knock you the f*** out you c***.”

The woman is smiling at him and appears to says: “If you can me a c***, I’ll call you a c***.”

The video then appears to show him storm down the middle of the carriage and square up to her as she backs into the door.

A number of passengers appear to jump out of their seats to pull the man away from her and force him to the ground. The video then cuts off there.

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