Elderly Woman Kicks Man For Not Socially Distancing Enough.


A 67-year-old woman in Germany has become infamous on social media over this surveillance video showing her complaining to a man who is carrying bags of soil to his shopping cart before dropkicking him. The man was not going to take the assault lightly and ended up tossing a 40-pound bag on her head, knocking her off her feet.

The Supermarket owner, Cees van Eekelen believes that she deserves a flower and the as yet unknown perpetrator should be banned from shopping at the store. “I’m looking for him. And we will certainly file a report with the police,” says Van Eekelen. “But I couldn’t sleep because of this. You do everything to keep people safe. You take numerous measures, and then you get Do you see people like that on the shop floor? Well, not with me anymore.”

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