Florida Teacher Calls Student A Racist For Having A Trump Flag.


The backstory behind “Free Colton,” is that this student brought a Trump flag to school, despite his parents telling him to not as it is against school rules.

Colton had the flag in his backpack and another student (not Colton) proceeded to pull it out. At this point, a teacher attempted to confiscate the flag, Colton tried to take it back and it resulted in the teacher getting 2 broken fingers. Colton was suspended, which prompted the “Free Colton” movement in which students went around the school with post it notes that said “Free Colton.”

The teacher in the video is not, and has never been Colton’s teacher. This incident took place in June 2021. I am not sure why this video is just now going viral, but I’m glad it is. While Colton was in the wrong, it does NOT give this teacher any sort of authority to voice her personal political views on any level.

This happened at a Middle School in St. Johns County.

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