FLY THE FASCIST SKIES: Man Gets Kicked Off Flight Because His Mask Was Low.


This pathetic scene is making its rounds on social media showing a poor guy trying to fly to Denver and a nasty little, power-hungry airline waitress forces him off the flight for having his mask too low.

It is not known which airline this was but it reflected the sad state of affairs when it comes to traveling via airlines.

The man is seen begging the steward to stay on board and promised not to wear his mask low. You can clearly see his mask is pulled up to his eyes. The steward doesn’t care, he tells him to grab his bags and get off the flight and he can have his 500 dollars refunded. When the passenger asks how is he going to get to Denver, the heartless steward tells him to get the 500 dollars and figure it out.

If someone knows which airline this is, leave it in the comments below.

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