Football Coaches Door Kicked in and Arrested for Not Quarantining After a Travel Game.


Mathew Owens is a soccer coach from Liverpool who was fulfilling his dream job in Bahrain. But following a change in the rules on how you can live, work and function normally over there, Mathew determined it was no longer for him and decided to return home. He took all the right advice and followed all the correct procedures in order to achieve safe passage back to England. Everything was fine until he reached Frankfurt International Airport where his story suddenly began to take a turn for the worse. What follows is both shocking and disturbing and needs to be shared far and wide as a cautionary tale.

He faces off against G4S, UK Border Force, police, et al and forced quarantine upon his return to the UK. And thanks to his activist mother and The People’s Resistance, he was able to break free of their unlawful forced detention and is now back home on Merseyside where he is unable to leave the house for fear of arrest. Merseyside Police have already visited his home by way of follow-up.

In short, Mat did nothing wrong. He followed all the rules, including taking advice from the British Consulate. His motive for speaking to me was to warn people about what’s really going on behind the extortionate and (largely unreported) punitive restrictions placed on Britons simply returning home from abroad.

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