Frightening Moment A Brinks Truck Is Shot Up With Automatic Rifles During Heist Attempt


The most incredible thing in the jaw-dropping footage is how calm this driver remains throughout. Shot on a dashcam, it rivals the greatest Hollywood high-speed chases of all time and that’s just what you can see as bullets fly around them, cars are rammed and windows smashed to pieces!

The footage was recorded out of South Africa where two security guards were targeted by raiders while driving down a freeway when things seemed safe for both parties – then suddenly not so much…

Our two heroes were driving along a highway north of Pretoria when the driver noticed something unusual in his rearview mirror. He glanced down at it but never said anything to his passenger.

The side window shattered and they tried their best to avoid being hit by gunfire from a grey sedan that pulled up alongside them quickly with its windows rolled down. They drove into its path and rammed as hard as they could.

“Gun,” he tells his co-pilot, who begins unstrapping his pistol from its holster.

Just as suddenly, he realizes they are outnumbered. A second vehicle comes at them from the far side in what is clearly a coordinated attack–a white truck this time instead of an SUV like theirs. The courier cruiser is rammed on its passenger’s side but still keeps his cool and holds steady to keep it out of traffic until that other driver decides not only was ramming enough but also pulls up alongside him for another round…

“They’re coming after us… They’re coming after us,” he tells the wide-eyed co-pilot, who has the rifle at the ready.

The driver pulls a three-point turn and rejoins the flow of traffic, warning his colleague: “They’re going to shoot… they’re going to f—– shoo.” which they did just seconds later, the Land Cruiser is riddled with more bullets. Out the passenger-side window, one of the raiders can be seen on foot, firing a shot that smashes the passenger-side window.

“Phone Robbie… phone Josh. Ask them where they are,” the driver calmly tells the co-pilot, who begins flipping through his phone, hands remarkably steady.

The driver then appears to attempt to steer over a median — and the vehicle gets stuck.

“F—— shoot ’em,” he tells his colleague. Throwing the Cruiser into reverse has no effect.

“F—.” he matter-of-factly announces taking the time to apply the parking brake on the stranded vehicle before calmly opening the door, removing his seatbelt, reaching back in for the rifle, and getting out to face the oncoming raiders.

That’s where the video ends.

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