Frightening Video Of Seattle Police Responding To What Seems To Be A Real Female Zombie Goes Viral


Several videos posted to TikTok that show a woman in Seattle who looks like a zombie has gone viral, with the first of the videos published on May 6.

The original poster, Ishea Brown, explains the situation as far as she knows it:

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Several videos on TikTok that show a woman who looks like a zombie have gone viral, with the first of the videos published on May 6.

Ishea Brown (@sixtwentyseven) shared the original clip, although it was later deleted and this sparked all kinds of theories, with some saying that the woman must have been a part of a movie set and others believing that she was in a genuinely bad state.

Brown then released an update to explain what had actually happened, as far as she knew.

“I want folks to know that the police did come and that care was administered to her,” the influencer said.

“She was taken to a local hospital, but I have no further updates on what happened with her beyond that.

“In a city like Seattle, it is not uncommon for people to not have the resources to properly care for their mental health, their housing and addiction.

“So, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear someone screaming like that in the middle of the day.”

Two police officers show up at one point to try to help the woman. She appears to only be wearing one shoe. In another scene, multiple officers cluster around the woman as she is lying on the ground. The woman is in great distress in all of the video scenes. At one point, she struggles while officers put her on a stretcher, and she can be heard crying, “I don’t want to go to the hospital.” She screams and begs as officers restrain her.

She also appears to only have patches of hair.

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