Fully Vaccinated 39 Year Old Dies From COVID, Fully BRAINWASHED Fiancé Blames The Unvaccinated.


A 35-year-old woman died early Friday morning, her fiancé Tyler Birkes confirmed.

Tyler said Heather Greeley died early Friday morning at Providence St. Vincent after being treated for COVID-19.
The couple had been fully vaccinated for months and the thought of getting sick with COVID seemed far-fetched, Tyler said. But Heather did indeed contract the virus, then Tyler became sick with it. He said they both felt like they had bad colds for the first week but then Heather started going downhill.

A couple of days later, Tyler took his fiancée back to the hospital.

“She couldn’t breathe at all and it was really scary,” he said. “I put her in my truck and I was about 100 miles an hour down 217. I got her in there, she was sitting in the wheelchair and they were admitting her and I rubbed her shoulders and I kissed her on the top of her head and told her I loved her and that’s the last time I saw her.”

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