Furious Mother Attacks Daycare Teacher Who Beat and Abused her Son… Mother Arrested.


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT – A mother is out on bond after attacking her son’s teacher at a local church day-care on Wednesday.

An attorney who says he is representing the teacher gave News 12′s I-TEAM exclusive video of the attack in question.

In it, you see a woman, who the attorney identifies as Kasey Brooks, attack her son’s teacher June Barrow at St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church.

Her attorney reached out to me after I knocked on Barrow’s door to ask her about the incident that has many of you talking.

The clip only lasts about a minute and 15 seconds, but it is a long minute and 15 seconds.

A woman charging in a classroom, striking a woman from behind.

Then, repeatedly punching her despite another staff member attempting to break it up.

It continues and a second woman enters the room as the teacher remains on the ground.

The incident report connected to her arrest painted Brooks as a mom who was “upset over an incident pertaining to how her child was handled” but doesn’t include anything else about that incident.

Instead, the focus is entirely on a mom repeatedly hitting the 61-year-old teacher on the head, even biting her on her hand.

The teacher was taken to the hospital by EMS and Brooks was booked into jail on battery charges.

But that’s just one incident report.

There is a second and this one paints a picture of a mama bear.

In it, mom says she viewed video footage of the teacher “physically abusing and mishandling her son.”

She goes into even more detail on her go fund me page, saying her 2 -year-old is non-verbal.

“For three hours I watched his teacher spank him, hit him in the head, slap him with a book and shove him to the ground,” Brook’s GoFundMe post reads.

She also writes, “The daycare director dismissed her employee’s actions and assured me she would be keeping her job.”

Meanwhile, the attorney for Barrow says the mother’s claims of abuse are wild and that any alleged abuse would have been witnessed by one or even two other adults, which he says makes the allegations of abuse unbelievable.

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