Heartbreaking Story of 23-YO Casey Hodgkinson Whose Life Has Been Ruined by The Pfizer Vaccine.


AUCKLAND — A 23-year-old warehouse worker did what her employer and government told her to do, in order to keep her job. Now she can no longer work and her prognosis is grim.

Ms. Casey Hodgkinson received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on September 25, according to her Facebook page. The adverse effects were severe and immediate. Her tongue went completely numb within an hour, followed by minor convulsions. The next day, her arms and legs went numb. Despite all that was going on, Ms. Hodgkinson tried to maintain normalcy. She went to work at Mighty Ape, an online retailer in New Zealand, on Monday, September 27. She works in the warehouse as an order picker and packer via a temp agency.

Co-workers noticed something was wrong with her. She somehow finished the day through sheer exhaustion, pain and weakness in her limbs. Ms. Hodgkinson arrived at work on Tuesday, but left early as the convulsion and weakness in her limbs worsened. She checked into the emergency room on September 29, according to Mike Wilson, who appears to have conducted an interview with Ms. Hodgkinson and her mother. Mr. Wilson made clear that he is “not anti-vax.”

Doctors admitted that Ms. Hodgkinson was having severe adverse reactions to the mRNA shots. But they also said it will “settle soon” and was a sign of “a really good immune response.” All the while, Ms. Hodgkinson was in a wheelchair because she could no longer walk on her own. By Friday, October 1, the convulsions were completely debilitating and extremely painful. Ms. Hodgkinson went to her regular doctor that day. He also exhibited completely aloofness, telling Ms. Hodgkinson that she should “try to go for a walk.”

By mid-October, Ms. Hodgkinson could no longer do anything on her own. She suffered ongoing full-body convulsions, vocal tics, muscles locking into place for hours at a time, excruciating joint pain, headaches, and numbness in between all that, according to her mother, Anna Hodgkinson. Anna made clear that she “is not anti-vax.” But she said Casey only got the injection to keep her job, which she can no longer do now anyway.

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