Her Debit Card Has No Money on It, So Naturally She Destroys the Store and Assaults shop Worker.


CLEVELAND — A customer attacked an elderly couple at their West Cleveland store Friday afternoon.

In cell phone video taken by the store owner, you can hear a disagreement between the couple and the woman over what is said to be an $11.85 transaction.

David Jo’s parents own Chic Beauty Supply on Lorain Road in Cleveland. He gave News 5 cell phone and surveillance video of the incident.

“All I am trying to do is get my items,” the woman said in the video to the two store owners behind the counter.

“She tried to pay for these products and the card was declined,” said Jo. “It was one of those pre-paid credit cards and she put the pin numbers in and was declined and she was not happy.”

In the video, you can hear his parents explain that she cannot leave with the items because there wasn’t money on the card.

Cleveland store owners over $11 purchase

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