Hospitals in Belgium are Now Reporting That 100% of Their COVID Cases are Double Vaccinated


On Thursday, CEOs and medical directors of Antwerp hospitals met. The mood was one of concern. “But there is also resignation: here we go again, we’ll solve it again?”, says Kristiaan Deckers, medical director of the Antwerp GZA.

“Postponing care is just not necessary. Our capacity of 25% beds for covid in the intensive care department is now completely full. We’re even a little bit about it because we helped a neighboring hospital in trouble. However, we already had to phase out beds in geriatrics.”

“The profile of our intensive patients?”, says Deckers. “They are now all vaccinated with breakthrough infections. Relatively young people aged 55 to 60, quite a few with immune problems. But we also see several seriously ill younger people, aged 30 to 35. So the question is whether the vaccines still work as well.”

Less crowds at AZ Klina in Brasschaat, with about twenty covid patients, including six in the intensive care department. “The situation has been stable for the past fourteen days,” said spokeswoman Joanne De Roeck. “We should not delay care for the time being, but if the numbers increase, we may have to open a second department. Staff loss? We also see a lot of quarantines of children of staff. We call on our people to be careful with contacts. They do. Even before the cancellation, several people thanked for the thanks edition for the care of Night of the Proms.”

UZA should not postpone care yet either. “But it’s puzzling and sliding, and what in the near future? The curve is still rising and not yet bending. And what if we reach a plateau that continues for a while?”

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