How To Get Arrested While Sleeping With A Hand Down Your Pants In Detroit


SOUTHFIELD, MI – Officers were dispatched to the 19000 Block of Mahon Dr. for an unknown male sleeping on the front porch of the R/P’s mother’s house.

The male was described as a black male wearing a red shirt and jeans. R/P advised the house is her mother’s and she was coming over to take care of her this morning.

When she arrived at the house there was an unknown male sleeping on a patio chair on the front porch. She did not know who the male was.

Officers approached the subject and observed his pants were lowered and his hands were down his pants. Officers attempted to wake the subject up. He looked up and then fell back asleep.

Officers patted the subject down and recovered a handgun down in his crotch area. There were some loose rounds also in his pants pocket. Officers recovered these items and then attempted to wake the subject up. Officers were eventually able to wake the subject up.

He was intoxicated. The subject did not have a CPL and had several Southfield Warrants. He was taken into custody for CCW”

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