Illinois Hot Dog Stand Owner Fined For Flying The American Flag On The 4th Of July


McHENRY Co. – A McHenry County restaurant owner says he’s being ticketed for flying the American flag in front of his business.

But the village of Prairie Grove says it’s where he’s flying the flag that’s causing the problem.

Now, the flag fight has gone viral on social media.

Terry Trobiani says he was just trying to celebrate the Fourth of July when he placed two American flags on wooden poles in front of Gianelli’s, his hot dog and beef business along Highway 176.

“The next day the village administrator comes in and he gives me a pamphlet of the sign ordinance pertaining to flags,” said Trobiani. “He says you might want to read this.”

But just one day later, Trobiani says the village of Prairie Grove gave him two tickets for “improper display.” Those tickets are now taped to his restaurant’s front door.

“The American flag is a symbol of patriotism,” said Trobiani. “It’s not a sign. They’re equating it with open/closed. Dine in, sign out.”

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