Instant Karma Strikes This Cyclist After Slashing Man’s Tires.


The wild video, obtained by Living By YYZ on Twitter starts with a squabble between a driver and an unseen cyclist, with the man saying some parting words before getting back into his pickup truck.

But the cyclist has more to say which prompts the driver to hop back out and knock the cyclist off his bike.

s the driver walks back around his truck, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The guy with the bike punctures one of the truck’s tires before attempting to pedal away — but the driver gets to him first.

He yanks the young man off his bike yet again, the verbal sparring continues, before the cyclist tries to escape once more.

The bearded driver is too fast, chases him up the street and the two wind up in the intersection of Dufferin Avenue and College Street.

That’s when the driver grabs the bike and proceeds to smash it against a building before the cyclist runs off dragging his bike back — just as a police officer arrives on scene.

Not to give any future sharp-object-wielding cyclists any ideas but the kid really should have waited until the driver was back in his pickup before taking out his tire. But, alas, the heat of the moment and no time to think, just react.

No word on whether any charges will be laid, or if the cyclist was even caught.

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