Kevin and Karen and the RCMP


A video filmed in Grande Prairie has gained international attention and one of the subjects is facing charges. Grande Prairie RCMP says the 46-year-old man is facing charges of assault of a police officer, possession of a weapon for purpose of danger to the public, and two counts of stunting.

According to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, a stunting ticket can be given to someone if they “perform or engage in any stunt or activity that is likely to distract, startle or interfere with users on the highway.”

In video clips originally shared on YouTube then to social media, a man appears to be seen yelling and giving the middle finger to an RCMP officer at the window of a pickup truck before quickly pulling away. They later show the officer breaking the window of the vehicle as it is pulled over before arresting the man as he yells “somebody help me”.

The clips were filmed by the passenger, who seems to be on the phone with someone else at the time relaying their version of what is happening and asking for help. One of the clips went viral, with a posting on the website Reddit garnering more than 6,000 comments before they were turned off.

The RCMP says a Grande Prairie officer conducted a traffic stop for a pickup truck that was reportedly stunting on 98 Street and 101 Avenue on the evening of May 6th. It’s alleged the driver stunted again as they drove away, leading them to be pulled over again at 104 Avenue and 96 Street and be ticketed.

Mounties say as the driver pulled away from the second traffic stop they hit the ticketing officer with their pickup truck. The officer followed them again and pulled them over in the area of Hillcrest Drive and 96 Street, as more officers were called in.

The RCMP says the driver was arrested for assaulting a police officer and taken into custody. In the investigation, officers searched the vehicle and seized bear spray.

The accused has been released on conditions to attend his court date on July 21st in Grande Prairie. Mounties say no further information can be released as the information is before the courts.

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