Leftist Lawmaker Arrested For Constantly Banging On Door During Election Overhaul Bill Signing.


ATLANTA – A new video shot early Thursday evening shows Georgia Rep. Park Cannon, D-Atlanta, being led from the rotunda at the state Capitol in handcuffs. Georgia State Patrol troopers have since said charged Cannon.

Rep. Cannon was seen being escorted by two Georgia State Patrol troopers as protesters shouted around her. Cannon was reportedly taking part in a protest over the signing of the voting reform bill passed by both houses earlier in the day.

“She was instructed that no one was in the front office and to stop beating on the door,” troopers wrote in a statement released about the incident.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, troopers found Rep. Cannon beating on the door to the governor’s office which was roped off and had a sign reading “Governor’s Staff Only” posted.

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