Louisiana Trooper Mercilessly Beats Black Driver With Flashlight Because of Lawsuit.


A white Louisiana State Police trooper, who resigned after being accused of simple battery in two separate incidents, also repeatedly struck a Black man with a flashlight during a 2019 traffic stop, resulting in the man suffering several broken bones.

Body camera footage shows former trooper Jacob Brown arriving at the scene in Monroe, Louisiana, with motorist Aaron Larry Bowman, 46, already on the ground and in the process of being detained.

Brown then pulls out his flashlight and strikes Bowman several times across his body as other law enforcement officers attempt to place Bowman in handcuffs.

Bowman sustained three broken ribs, a broken wrist and jawbone and needed six staples to close a head gash, according to his lawyers, who released the body camera footage to NBC News.

The Louisiana State Police declined to verify the authenticity of the footage because of pending litigation.

On the video, Bowman can be heard hollering, “I’m not resisting, I’m not resisting,” as Brown continues to strike him.

The video shows Bowman trying to use his free arm to protect his head while Brown pummels him.

Once the beating stops, Bowman can be seen with a bloodied head.

“I’m bleeding,” he says. “They hit me in the head with a flashlight.”

Bowman filed a civil lawsuit against the Louisiana State Police in September 2020, seeking damages. A court date is scheduled for Jan. 20.

After the state police received the civil lawsuit, it began to investigate Brown, the agency said in a statement Wednesday.

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