Lunatic Attacks Woman in Supermarket in Front of His Wife and Kids.


A man with a seriously short fuse got into an argument with a fellow shopper in a supermarket which ended in a brutal assault in Kosovo.

The tiff started with the impatient man claiming the woman and her carriage were in his way, exchanging words with her and pushing her and her cart out of the way.

Things then get heated as he pushed the cart into the woman. She then pushes it back towards him.

Things then escalate quickly as gets in her face, grabbing her. She pushes him away one last time before he starts to punch her multiple times in the head and face area. The assaulter’s children watched the entire incident as the mother tries to peel him off the victim.

Police came and arrested the man in the supermarket and are charging him with “Minor bodily injury” and was sent to a prison cell.

The woman had to be hospitalized with cuts and bruises to her face.

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