Lunatic Goes On Rampage With His Land Rover, Hits Several Cars Before Smashing Motorcyclist


Surrey UK- A motorcyclist was hospitalized and several cars were badly damaged when a Land Rover driver left a trail of destruction through a leafy Surrey town.

Shocking scenes captured in Godalming on Friday night showed a shirtless man driving a blue Land Rover into several other vehicles before causing a sickening collision with the teenage motorcyclist.

The biker, who was driving down the A3100 main road, had no chance of avoiding the Land Rover as it was driven out of a side road without stopping. The teen smashed into the driver’s side front wheel and somersaulted over the bonnet into the road, lying motionless as the Land Rover reversed and drove away.

The carnage unfolded outside the Leathern Bottle pub in the town with frantic locals shouting at the driver to stop and get out of the car during what they called a ‘rampage’.

Shocking footage, taken on Friday in Godalming, Surrey, shows the vehicle, still with ‘L’ plates attached to the rear, driving into the back of a stationary car before turning into the middle of the road

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