Man Destroys 5 Trucks with Excavator after His Uncle Refuses to Pay Him


This is the moment a furious coal miner uses a digger to destroy five trucks after his uncle – who is also his boss – refused to hand over his monthly wages.

The man identified only as Hakan M, whose age was not given, is a digger operator at a Turkish coal mine and went on the rampage when his uncle, named only as Omer M, allegedly refused to pay his wages at a coal mine near Mount Cudi in Turkey’s Sirnak Province last month (August).

In the footage which was uploaded to social media by one of the workers at the mine, Hakan can be seen crushing the roofs of several trucks using a digger.

The heavy arm of the digger crushes the trucks one by one whilst Hakan’s other staff watch from a safe distance in complete shock at their colleague’s behavior.

Local news site Konhaber reports that Hakan’s colleagues eventually intervened and managed to convince him to get out of the digger and to stop destroying trucks.

Local media reports that Hakan spoke to his uncle after the incident and the pair agreed to make a deal regarding the damage done to the trucks.

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