Man Gets Physical With Staff At Chicago Gym After They Insist He Wears A Mask


Above is the post from the staffer in the video who posted his experience on Facebook. The big question here is, how can one experience an athletic activity while wearing a mask without putting themselves in harm’s way since breathing is limited:

At 3pm yesterday I was with a client and out of the corner of my eye (without my old-man glasses on) I was pretty sure I saw our troubled subject walking around the gym without a mask on his person at all, which, is incredibly uncommon in Chicago right now. By the time he made it to a squat rack, he was taking one out of his pocket and putting it on. I made a note of it and when my session was over, I went to go check in. Here’s where the trouble began.

As I approached him, his mask was at his throat, not near his face. I said, “yo! I need you to put your mask up in the building, man.” He whirled around and immediately said I was too close to him and that I was within 6 feet of him. I don’t think I was and according to footage, I wasn’t, but like a normal human I took a big step backwards and said, “sorry about that! I need you to put your mask up if you’re in the building.” He then unleashed a truly unhinged tirade that covered a lot of weird bases, but the takeaway was this: I was dealing with a very unstable person. Not a logical one. Not just a jerk. But someone with serious mental issues.

As we left the first encounter, he said he would not put the mask on. I called the owner of the gym and at this point realized that this was a member that had given us mask trouble in the past. I took him my phone with the owner on speaker who told him he needed to put his mask on. He hung up on him and still refused to leave.

I went out of ear shot and called the owner again. We decided that he would call this guy and tell him his membership was revoked and that he needed to leave immediately. By this time, there were 4 members in the vicinity of our troubled character.

I feared that upon receiving the call, this guy might go bonkers and break things or hurt someone, so I quietly approached the members and one by one let them know that I felt like an altercation was probable and that they should be sure to be aware and be safe. I then went and positioned myself between the members and the trouble, just in case.

Hooboy he REALLY didn’t like that. That was what led to this video. I kept far from him and continuously kept my hands high or behind my back to indicate that I meant him no harm. I also continuously told him, “I’m not going to touch you or do anything to you.” Despite all of that, he closed the distance and got physical.

At some point, he called the cops himself and told them that I was a threat and a danger and that he didn’t feel safe in my presence…

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