Man Goes Through Red Light On His Bicycle, Cops Treat Him Like A Serial Killer.


A Texas man who was tackled and arrested by police for allegedly running a red light on his bicycle cursed out the officers as they handcuffed and tased him.

The incident occurred on Wednesday in College Park, home of Texas A&M University.

According to local CBS affiliate KBTX:

In the 2-minute video, College Station and Texas A&M police are seen chasing after a man on a bicycle along University Drive near Northgate in the middle of the afternoon. When they finally get to him, a police officer forcibly removed the man from the bike and onto the sidewalk where he’s warned by the officers to stop resisting arrest.

A College Station police officer warned the man he would be tased if he didn’t stop resisting. Moments later the video shows the man being tased in the back as officers struggled to put him into handcuffs.

In a statement released to the public shortly after the arrest, College Station police said the 34-year-old man was arrested and charged with evading detention, resisting arrest, and resisting transport.

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