Man Savagely Attacked with a Bat After Entering a Seattle Hardware Store Without a Mask.


A Seattle man claims he was attacked by a baseball bat-wielding clerk at an Ace Hardware location in an altercation that stemmed from his friend’s refusal to wear a coronavirus mask in the store.

Bobby Dixon, the young man seen in viral video of the altercation, told Jason Rantz of KTTH Radio Seattle Tuesday that he went into the store masked, but his friend declined to put one on.

“They pretty much told him, ‘put a mask on or get out,’” he said. “When he was walking out the door the dude at the counter started running his mouth, being pretty vulgar, and so my buddy started cussing.”

“At that point they started cussing at me,” he said. “They were just attacking us for no reason pretty much, for not having a mask. He was complying with them when they said if you’re not wearing a mask you gotta get out.”

After stepping out, Dixon said he turned around to try and get the employee’s name to report him to the manager.

“That’s when I was met with the baseball bat,” he told Rantz. “I’m lucky he didn’t hit me or swing with it, you know, I was able to rip it out of his hands.”

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