Man Shoots Thug Who Maced Him During Failed Robbery In North Carolina, Lives Streams Aftermath


“I tried to give him a ride and he robbed my a**” says Carlos, the alleged victim.

A man was shot and killed on March 14, 2021 during an alleged robbery on Delta Lake Drive Charlotte, NC.

The man who did the killing is identified as Carlos (Left) and was foaming at the mouth on the scene. Carlos claims he was doing a “Hood Uber” and trying to give the man a ride.

Carlos claims that during the ride the man tried to rob Carlos while his pregnant girlfriend was in the car.

Carlos claims he was maced in the face with pepper spray during the alleged robbery. That is when Carlos shot and killed the man. The dead man is seen wobbling trying to stand up and then collapsing to the ground.

Once emergency officials arrived on the scene, the victim was pronounced deceased on the scene.
In a video of the scene posted online Carlos can be heard saying, “I aint want to have to do that do you bruh”

“He need help like hell.”

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