Man With ‘We Love Dave’ Sign Attacked by a Woke Freak Mob Outside Netflix Headquarters


Tensions flared outside a walkout at Netflix headquarters as employees upset with the streaming platform’s airing of a controversial special by standup comedian Dave Chapelle clashed with counter-protesters supporting the comic’s freedom of speech.

Videos from the walkout circulating on social media show a man holding a sign that says “We like Dave” before he is accosted by several people who ultimately break his sign.

“Why is he breaking my sign?” the man holding the sign can be heard saying as protesters grab and smash it. “Don’t I have the same free speech rights as you?”

Once the sign is destroyed and the man is left holding just the stick it had been mounted on, the protesters start shouting “He’s got a weapon!”

The man is then pushed away from the scene by protesters while laughing at their accusation that he has a weapon before he then drops the stick.

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