Maryland Woman Narrowly Escapes Home Invader With Zip Ties


A Maryland woman says it took more than 20 minutes for police to arrive to her Prince George’s County home as a man lurked outside trying to break in — and she was stuck inside alone.

On Tuesday afternoon, Kezia Williams walked outside of her Bowie home to find a stranger in a Lakers hoodie standing on her lawn.

Her doorbell video shows her rush in the house as the man stands yards away. She said her instincts told her to get inside and call 911.

“I immediately started to put down the blinds in my house and shut my windows,” Williams said.

But that didn’t deter the suspect. The video shows him walking up to her door and trying to open it. At one point, he puts his thumb over the camera. Then, he starts to put on a pair of gloves.

“At that point, he tried to enter again. He walked around the back of my house,” Williams said.

She said the 911 dispatcher told her not to trigger the alarm and wait for police.

It took police 22 minutes to show up, Williams said.

“I think he was here to hurt me,” she said.

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