Mask Maniacs Drag Woman out of Bar and Beat Her for Not Wearing a Mask.


Bliss Causby can be seen being pulled across the floor by her hair by security on video captured by an onlooker at the Chattanooga Billiard Club (CBC) on Cherry Street.

As the female security continues to drag her further along the floor of the popular bar downtown, Causby can be heard screaming in a video shared on Instagram that Causby said is both embarrassing and infuriating.

She said it all happened because she was asked to wear her mask by security.

“Some hair was pulled out; my face was puffed and swollen. My neck hurts. I had horrible bruises on my arm and my back,” she said.

According to a report filed with the Chattanooga Police Department, Causby put on a mask when asked to but later took it off while in the

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