MIAMI – Miami police detectives are working to find out more information about the circumstances surrounding an attack inside an elevator that involved a shirtless man and a woman who had her breasts exposed.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras around 2:30 p.m. last Thursday inside a building on Northwest 10th Avenue and Seventh Street.

The video shows the woman striking the man with an unknown object several times. He put his fists up at one point as she struck him once more.

She then put her foot in front of the elevator door to prevent it from closing as the two continued to argue about something.

The man did not report the incident to police, but officers said they want to speak with him to find out what led up to the altercation.

Authorities said it’s unclear at this time whether the attack was provoked.

Anyone with information about the identity of either person involved in the incident is asked to call the Miami Police Department’s Assaults Unit at 305-603-6940.

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