Michigan Cop in Hot Water For Aiming Gun at 10 Year Old on Phone After His Dad Ran From Police


ANN ARBOR, Michigan (FOX 2) – Protesters in Pittsfield Township are demanding a change after a 10-year-old boy was detained at gunpoint and handcuffed after his father ran from officers.

Bodycam video posted by Benjamin Whitfield’s family shows the boy shaking after a police chase in Ann Arbor on April 16. In the Bodycam video, a Pittsfield Township police officer pointed his gun at the boy and demanded that he get out of his father’s car.

The officer then tries to calm him down, but then makes him stand up and handcuff him. Moments later, his father is arrested and asks the police why his son is also handcuffed.

On Tuesday, a crowd gathered to demonstrate Benjamin and his family. His mother, Makia Dixson, said her son has not been the same since April 16.

“Benjamin was always my good son. He always wanted to play basketball. He really doesn’t want to do too much. All he wants to do is sit in the house and play,” Dixson said.

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