Moronic Burglar With Zero Safety Skills Shoots Himself During Home Break-In.


Two armed men are caught on video attempting to kick a door in when a shocking moment unfolded.

What could have been an absolutely terrifying and maybe deadly break-in was luckily thwarted by a clumsy moment that left one of the suspects badly injured. In the video below you can see two men both holding hand guns as they both kick at the front of a Fort Wayne home with a scary intensity.

Trey Thomas and his father were home at the time of the attempted break-in. Trey told WPTA that they called the police worried that the suspects were still around,

There was actually a shell on the ground outside of my house from when he shot himself in the leg, so they went ahead and did their crime scene investigation, took pictures of footprints and the shell, whatnot. And they checked the neighborhood to make sure they weren’t still around.

Trey and his father both have no idea why their North side home was targeted. It’s unclear at this time if this was simply an attempted armed robbery or if the suspects had even darker intentions.

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