Mother Excoriates Texas School Board For Including Book That Promotes Pedophilia To 4th Graders.


This is what the left is teaching your kids in the Govt. schools all in the name of “diversity, inclusion & equity”

Folk you have to get your kids out of Govt. schools please! This is a suburban school in Texas so don’t think your school is safe from this unless you are a very rural deeply conservative area.

1.8 million less people enrolled their kids govt. schools this year.. it should be 20 million.

With the indoctrination, forced masking & soon forced vaccinations.. more parents are pulling their kids out.

It can be done.. pay now or pay later in your child’s soul. 4 years ago I wouldn’t say this but the govt. schools are no longer a place to leave your kids.

They used to wait till college to indoctrinate but now they are starting in kindergarten with LGBT sex education, transgenderism, CRT/BLM, socialism

The curriculum is becoming more & more dumbed down .. they are moving away from hard academic like science & math.. & replacing it with social studies.

Please consider all this & make a decision that is best for your children. We living in crazy times & the number 1 priority for us as parents is to protect our children from this predatory system being built.

My kids attend a classical Christian school. If you have never heard of “classical education” look it up. It’s fantastic.. It is rigorous, challenges the child academically, teaches the child to be a well rounded, well spoken, respectful, critical thinking human being.

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