Muslim Husband Beats Doctor For Asking His Wife To Remove Her Hijab to Show her Arm


In Nizhnevartovsk, Russia, a man flew into a rage and beat a doctor who examined his wife: she was wearing a hijab, and the dermatologist asked her to consistently bare her arms, legs, and stomach. On Thursday, September 23, the victim, Vladimir Zh. Told about this.

According to a local publication, the incident took place on September 21. A Muslim woman wearing a hijab came to the reception. “I did not see anything strange in this, I have been working in the city for several years, the patients came in hijab earlier, the procedure is the same for everyone. For examination, I asked her to show her arms, legs, stomach – she had to bare literally 10 centimeters each, ”said Vladimir Zh. According to him, the patient was indignant, saying that she was not supposed to do this, but the doctor replied that the norms were the same for everyone.

“Half an hour later, her husband burst into the office with the phrase“ do you like to look at women’s tummies? ”He didn’t say anything else but started beating me. In my practice, anything happened, they even came with a knife, but no one used it. But this time it didn’t come to a conversation ”- summed up the victim.

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