NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving Lays Down The Gauntlet, Says Will Not Take Vax No Matter What.


Kyrie Irving is finally speaking out publicly about his anti-vaccine choice … explaining he believes nobody should be told what to do with their bodies — and he’s tired of feeling “demonized” over his decision.

The Brooklyn Nets star — who’s been barred from playing and practicing with his team until he either gets the vaccine or gets some sort of exemption — broke his feelings down on the matter in a lengthy video on his social media page Wednesday.

In his talk with his camera, which lasted over 20 minutes, Irving repeated over and over again he’s against vaccine mandates.

“I haven’t hurt anybody,” Irving said. “I haven’t committed a crime. I’m not out here acting dumb, stupid. I’m out here taking care of my family, my kids.”

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