Nurse WITH Religious Exemptions is Still Escorted out of Hospital for Refusing to get The Shot.


A nurse has gone viral after uploading this video of herself getting booted out of a Kaiser Permanente hospital in San Francisco.

The nurse was being fired for not taking the COVID jab even though she was seeking a medical exemption. The hospital didn’t even have the courtesy of giving her an explanation as to why they didn’t not except the exemption.

“I am willing to lose my safety and security; my house, EVERYTHING.. for my Freedom. And I want you to think about that.”

Bay Area health care giant has placed thousands of unvaccinated workers nationwide on leave as it ramps up its internal COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

The company, headquartered in Oakland, initially announced a vaccine mandate for its workers and physicians in August — and within two months, the vaccination rate companywide increased by 14%, from 78% to 92%, Kaiser Permanente said.

But the 2,200 workers nationwide as of Monday who “have not responded to our vaccine requirement” face an “unpaid administrative leave” until December, when they will be laid off, the company said.

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