NYPD Officers Under Investigation For Booting Subway Rider Harassing Them Over Not Wearing Mask


A pair of unmasked NYPD cops shoved a straphanger out of a Manhattan subway station on Tuesday after he says he repeatedly asked them why they weren’t following a state rule that requires people to cover their faces in mass transit facilities.

Andy Gilbert, 27, said he got off his downtown W train at 8th St. in the East Village around 8:40 a.m. when he saw the cops standing on the platform without masks.

A state rule that took effect in September 2020 requires everyone to cover their faces on the subway or face a $50 fine.

Video posted on Twitter shows a male officer pushing Gilbert toward the gate. A female officer pushed the gate open as the male pushed Gilbert out of the platform area. The video doesn’t show the confrontation that led up to that incident.

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