Ohio Cops Drag Paraplegic Man Out of his Vehicle by his HAIR For Refusing to ‘Step Out’


 A paraplegic man was pulled out of his car by his hair at a traffic stop by an Ohio cop after refusing to ‘step out,’ despite telling them he was disabled. 

Clifford Owensby, 39, who is paraplegic, was pulled over for a traffic violation for his windows being tinted passed state regulations in Dayton, Ohio, near Columbus, by police officers. 

After refusing to get out of his car due to his disability, a police officer forcibly pull him out by his hair.  

His daughter Cece reported on her Instagram that her father ‘has no control of his legs and can’t walk.’ 

Owensby was out running errands without his wheelchair and had to be assisted into the car before leaving. It is unclear where he was headed.

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