Passenger Kicked Of Southwest Flight For Pulling Her Mask Down At The Restroom.


A black passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight was asked to disembark for not wearing a mask while using the bathroom.

Footage shows her angrily protesting and yelling at airline staff after she had been told that it’s company policy, but what really sets this incident apart from other cases of racism in airlines is when you see how loosely worn the woman has her breathing device over just her mouth and not her nose.

‘F*** you all, f*** Southwest, I will never fly with Southwest again’, she says while seeming to leave the flight with a companion.

‘Who’s processing my refund? Because now I’ve got to buy another flight for no f***ing reason, so process the refund.’

As someone off-camera repeatedly tries to get her to leave the plane, the passenger becomes angrier and throws her coat off the flight in protest.

‘No mask?’, she says. ‘I have a mask on my f***ing face. Process the refund.’

‘F*** you. F*** all of you because that’s racist as f***. I don’t like racism’, she shouts as her mask slips down onto her chin.

‘Everybody in here is gonna know whoever the f***ing flight attendant is, he was racist and he was mad for two seconds I didn’t have a mask on because I went to a restroom.

‘I put a mask on [she pulls the mask back up], I’m sitting here in compliance, and he tells me to get off the flight. So, y’all have a good flight, but this is what happens when you’re black in America.’

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