‘Peace’ Officer Beats Homeless Man Who Shoplifted From a Supermarket.


Police are investigating an assault caught on video outside of a Twin Cities Cub Foods involving an associate of a nonprofit called We Push for Peace.

The incident happened Thursday evening at the Cub Foods on 1177 Clarence Street, the St. Paul Police Department told Bring Me The News. A portion of the attack was caught on video and posted to Facebook, then reshared by St. Paul City Councilmember Dai Thao.

When the video starts, a man in a red T-shirt with the We Push for Peace logo can be seen holding another man up against the wall, punching him repeatedly and at one point kicking him in the head.

The attacker then throws the victim to the parking lot ground and says he “shouldn’t have put his hands on me.” When the victim goes to pick up his backpack, the attacker throws him to the ground again.

“Anyone know anything about this “Peace” group?” Thao wrote when sharing the video. “The homeless guy getting his face turn into a punching bag. This is straight battery and assault.”

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