People in a Chinese Concentration Camp Being Forced to Pledge Allegiance to The Communist Party.


Footage of an Uyghur man speaking directly to the camera, in seemingly bad condition and dressed in an oversized uniform with a shaved head, was played at a press conference in Beijing on Friday, in which the man asked for leniency from the Chinese government and pledged his allegiance.

“I will try my best to change myself and receive the leniency of the party and the government,” says the man, Erkin Tursun, a former TV producer who, the officials said, is serving a 20-year sentence in Xinjiang on charges of “inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and covering up crimes”.

Tursun, almost unrecognizable from photos shared online before his 2018 arrest, is addressing his son, who now lives abroad and has publicly advocated against Tursun’s detention, which he says is arbitrary.

It was one of over half a dozen such segments showing Uyghur, a mostly Muslim ethnic minority in the western region, pleading with relatives abroad to come home and stop speaking out against China and the ruling Communist Party.

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